APRIL 12 — MAY 6, 2018

After five decades of celebration and attempts to inventory or even erase the most important insurrectional mass movement in post-war western world, May ’68 remains in collective memory as a rebellion against an obsolete model of society, a rebellion that rejected traditional forms of authority and sought the collective elaboration of new educational, social and cultural practices.

Even through the youth uprisings, protest movements and political stances from artists and intellectuals in 1968 reverberated across the Western world, these manifestations of the revolt were most accurately and passionately reflected at the time in the French media.

On the cinematographic side, this red flag of change was already visible in Jean-Luc Godard’s The Chinese (1967), but it is actually May ’68 and the following decade that gave rise to a whole generation of film makers and audiences. They found new challenges in the event and expressed them in ways personal, political and aesthetic. From this, 1968, when considered as a full and total experience, gave birth to a collective and often community-based relationship to cinema through the gathering of politically engaged film makers and technicians. Under Chris Marker’s impulsion, SLON was one of the first manifestations of this new consciousness, while Zanzibar group took on a more experimental approach.

Other collectives formed in Paris and the provinces, amateur film makers, workers and farmers were able to take up film production and initiate alternative screening networks, contributing to the development of militant cinema in the numerous contexts of struggle.
In parallel to the radical underground cinema of France, commercial movies and even television turned to structural and narrative experimentations, joining the libertarian atmosphere of the time under the mixed influences of psychedelia, Kinetic art and Pop art.

From April 12th to 15th in Husets Biograf, then from April 15th to May 6th at the Danish Cinemateket, DÉSORDRE (« Disorder ») inventories these various filmic tendencies and measures the pulse of the still potent influence of “the spirit of May” via a subjective and concise selection of rare films, some of them shown for the first time in Denmark in presence of special guests.

Detailed program and schedule here

DÉSORDRE / DISORDER is a project of association Monoquini (Bordeaux, France)
Curator: Bertrand Grimault
In collaboration with Jack Stevenson (Husets Biograf), Morten Tang (Danish Film Institute), Francesca Bozzano (Cinémathèque de Toulouse).

Thanks to: Jean-Denis Bonan, Jean-Pierre Bouyxou, Patrick Deval, Elina Löwensohn, Bertrand Mandico, Serge Rollin, Jean-Paul Savignac, Antoine Calafat, Anna Lodeho, Tiffany Fukuma, Jessica Heaton, Anna Medveczky, Argos Films, Cinédoc / Paris Film Coop, Ecce Films (Louise Rinaldi), les Films du Jeudi (Frédérique Ros), le Forum des Images (Pauline Husy, Magali Magne, Claudia Montes), ISKRA, Light Cone, Luna Park (Francis Lecomte), PBC Pictures, Playtime (Jim Martin), RTS / Radio Télévision Suisse (Delphine Zimmermann), le Service Audiovisuel de la CFDT (Anne Mokry), Tamasa Distribution.

With the financial support of the Danish Film Institute, l’Institut Français in Paris, la Ville de Bordeaux, and with the participation of l’Institut Français du Danemark.